Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainbow jello!

 I'm not that fond of jello myself, but of course the kids are, and so every once in a blue moon I'll make it for them, usually for a birthday.  Now to my mind birthday's require something more special than just plain old jello. So, a few years ago I tried my hand at making a rainbow jello for one of Hannah's birthdays.  My first rainbow jello looked like this:

This was a great success at a family birthday party for Hannah.  It is easier (much!) than it looks.  You simply make up your jello one at a time, dividing  the liquid jelly into two bowls and putting a spoonful of vanilla yogurt into one to make the lighter shade.  You need to do this for each of the colours of the rainbow.  Then grease your bundt or tube pan, and add the dark red jello only.  Refrigerate until just set, but not totally firm.  This is the only remotely tricky part; if it sets too much the layers will slide apart when you try to unmold it later, and if they don't set enough, the layers will just mix together.  I found when you touched lightly with your finger and it was set but your finger left an imprint it worked well.  This took about 30 minutes to an hour; you just have to use trial and error.  Once the red layer is ready, gently pour on the pink.  Repeat above with all the layers.  If I recall correctly, I did use two packages of the purple final colour, so that layer was not to thin in the final product due to the increasing size of the pan.  Once it is all done, let it set overnight at least in the fridge.  Hope that is clear!  To unmold, simply dip the bottom of the pan in warm water for a few seconds; not longer or it will melt the jello, and turn out like you would a cake onto a plate.  Cool stuff!

Hannah loved this so much that she asked for me to make it for her party with her friends too.  I did it this time in disposable plastic cups, to do away with the unmolding of it as we were not having the party at home.  These were great too, and like the above jello, easy but time consuming.  Here they are:

Look how young Abby and Sam look!  This was three years ago.  Aww.  Anyway, I say this is easy to do, and it is, but it is fiddly and time consuming waiting for layers to set, etc.  So much so that I have not done it since in spite of my childrens pleas.  I recently spotted what I thought would be a much easier version of rainbow jello and gave it a try yesterday.  Turns out, it is much easier!  Totally different look, but it is so easy that I will certainly make it again.  So here is rainbow jello, take three:

Cool or what?!  You can find the recipe here.

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