Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Renovation

It has been two weeks since we tore out the old kitchen.  We now still have no kitchen, but the new floor is in and we are very happy with it.  Check it out:

The picture above is the new floor tile, but no grout.  Getting the old floor ripped out and the new one in took a week and was the biggest pain in the ... !  Below is a picture of the floor, still sans baseboards, but with grout.

  It looks kinda busy here, but the overall effect is pretty calm.  It's large format porcelain tile, though certainly reminiscent of stone.

Sadly, the kitchen still looks like this:

Walls still need to be patched and painted, but not til the undercabinet light wiring goes in.  Not to mention the new duct work for the larger range hood.

But we do have potlights.  Yay!

Excuse the yucky edges; Joe installed all this and did a great job.  He didn't finish the corners/edges since we (meaning, he!) is installing crown molding up there.  Lots of painting, trimwork, etc left to do!  The cabinets are coming Thursday... this Thursday (!) for installation.  Yikes.  Wish us luck.

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