Monday, November 21, 2011

In the kitchen

Now that the kitchen is functional again, it feels so good to get in it and cook!  We have had lots of sniffles, sore throats, and such around here lately, so comfort is the order of the day.  Joe and I were craving something with a little spice over the weekend, so this is what I made for us.  Note that the girls didn't really like this, and we didn't even bother asking Sam to try!

A shrimp laska.  I'd say quite authentic, really.  Full of red curry, lemongrass, coconut milk, bok choy, and shitake mushrooms.  Served over basmati, mostly to satisfy Joe a little more, and topped with cilantro.  This was really delish.  The red curry was mild, though, so next time I'd add a chopped chili too.  The flavours just didn't appeal to the girls; but I will keep trying, as I expect they'll grow into them.

More up the kids alley, is breakfast.  Namely, pancakes.  We have pancakes for breakfast most Sundays, and I do have a favourite recipe, but once in a while it's nice to try something different.  Enter: pumpkin pancakes.  These were soooo good!  Loved the taste, and how totally appropriate they are for a fall weekend breakfast.

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