Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our finished white kitchen

I posted a couple of months ago about the nearly finished kitchen.  Those last few items on the to-do list did get checked off before Christmas, which was great since we were celebrating at our house this year.  We were aiming for a white kitchen, not really able to visualize anything else in our space, and a white kitchen is what we got.  Without further ado, here is our finally finished kitchen.

I looked at countless photos and articles when planning our kitchen.  I am so glad I did my research; it meant that we ended up with a kitchen we are thrilled with, both because it *looks* as we imagined, but also even more importantly, *functions* how we hoped.  It is still a small kitchen, there is no getting around that, but with careful planning we were able to include a lot of things we wanted, most things really.  The lowdown on what we put in is as follows;

flooring- large format 20" porcelain tiles

cabinets- custom made wide shaker style with beveled edge and v notch details, painted with Benjamin Moore cloud white

cabinet and drawer hardware- satin nickel knobs and handles

countertop- River White granite

Backsplash- honed marble subway tile

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